addon that autocleans players props after he has left?

I used to use DPP (a prop protection addon) but we decidet that its not what we need. I own a sandbox server and freezing shit constantly really ruins the fun.

So all I need is something to autoclean someones stuff 60 secs after he has left. Is there an addon like this? (DPP used to do that)

Falco’s Prop Protection can do this.

Preferrably not a prop protection. We want to build without being annoyed lol

The GM:PlayerDisconnected hook is called every time a player leaves your server and the player entity is passed through. Add a hook for GM: PlayerDisconnected. In the hook, create a timer that executes in 60 seconds. The function in this timer could then loop through each prop on the map and check if if it was spawned by this (disconnected) player. If it is, then the prop can be removed.

I made a tiny addon years ago that did this for my build server named Keep Clean, should still work.

How can I get the original creator?

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Thanks! I will try it

hook.Add( "PlayerDisconnected", "prop_janitor_3000", function( ply )
	for k, v in pairs( ents.GetAll() ) do
		if v:CPPIGetOwner() and v:CPPIGetOwner() == ply then
			local killtimer = 59 + math.Rand( 0, 2 ) -- change to change cleanup time, added a math.Rand so it looks cooler rather than all their stuff spontaneously vanishing at once
			timer.Simple( killtimer, function() if v:IsValid() and !v:CPPIGetOwner():IsValid() then v:Remove() end end)
end )

not tested but it should work as long as whatever system you use for prop ownership supports CPPI