Addon that simulates HL2 Single Player

I’d really like a Lua addon that makes the suit sounds, walking speed, lack of certain weapons on certain HL2 SP maps, death effects, enemy aim, sprint and flashlight battery usage, inability to breathe underwater, etc. the same as in Half Life 2 single player. It’d be best if all of these could be toggleable with their own console command (spsim_suitsounds, spsim_deatheffect, spsim_aim, spsim_sprintenergyuse, spsim_underwaterenergyuse, etc.) What I basically want is the ability to play through the Half Life 2 single player campaign, exactly like HL2 single player, only with toolguns, the Q menu, spawn menu, toolgun, physgun, etc. (But making sure to start without the gravity gun, crowbar, and weapons, and only getting those on the appropriate levels.)

Could that be done?