Addon to jailbreak, custom menu?

I am just curious. How hard would it be to make a custom menu for warden on jailbreak that lets you activate different events.

For example, warden opens the menu and selects warday, then all prisoners are automatically teleported to armory and all guard to specified location for example wardens office.

Or when he selects hide and seek, all guard are blinded for lets say 30 seconds and all prisoners are teleported outside of their cells.

Etc… how difficult would it be to make? Should I even try? Or is it even possible? xD I know it’s a lot of question and thanks for anyone that will take their time to answer.

The hardest thing would be the GUI and verification that the warden is the one sending the event, but the events themselves from how you describe them sound easy. Just make sure you do all of the event work serverside.