Addon to Show Possible Commands

I’ve seen an addon that shows possible commands under the chatbox when you start typing, how can i get this?

Its the Evolve addon by Overv.

It doesnt come up, i have evolve installed.

The server you are on has to be running it.

It is running it, i installed it earlier, download from the thread directly.

If you read the actual post he has put instructions…

Right, Evolve Works fine. I just dont see the commands come up under the chat window.

did you start typing the commands?


If you installed it correctly it would be working, as it has for everyone else.

I installed it correctly, Downloaded from the thread. Uploaded to the addons folder of the server, Extracted the contents for the FastDL, Updated the Cache on the FDL.

So idk.

The chat commands do not show if you are using cider or any other role-play gameode, they only show if you are on sandbox.

That is your problem.

I’m on a fresh install of sandbox.

When you hold tab does it have the evolve scoreboard?

No :frowning:

Then its not installed correctly

Well then it is not installed correctly.

If you want to you can add me on steam then i can talk you through it, or even create me a subuser and I can do it for you.