Addon tools / and more

What is “addon tools” and how can it help us or modding community, I heard that we can make our new tools or improve existing ones? Hm… Creating similar tools as in unity /unreal?

Also, does anyone have plans to import content from unity/UE? I’ve heard someone do it before.

Also, I’ve heard that facepunch want to switch to the metric system, this should help us with shaking the character on big maps.

Is there any information about lighting? For example, will there be @Sam Improve light sources with shadows (at the moment we can only use 16, will there be more?), And what else is planned to be done before the release of the game with coverage in the game.

And, Can we make very beautiful graphics in the game? With good lighting and textures, such as in rdr2.


1, Yes you can make your own tools
2, maybe yes, idk About UE, but someone has already done it but I can’t remember
3. idk I know that matt was talking about shaking on big maps and this will be fixed
4. idk
5. yes, Many people want to go for realistic graphics, and in s&box you will be able to do it