Addon uploading error for server

Hi, i have a Xenon server. I just rented it today. Very nice interface and control. i like it. however, today i had a friend over and we began to upload our addons to the server. We uploaded several lua based addons and they worked just fine. (assmod etc…) next we uploaded some weapons and models and textures. The lua worked but the models and textures never worked. the computer never even recognised the files needed to be downloaded to join the server and just downloaded the lua. resulting in the big red “error” symbol for all the new content. i check to make sure the addons are in the right spot and they were. so its like wtf. also we tried maps. it was even a worse effect. the other computer we were running to test the server didnt sense the map needed to be downloaded upon entry and just pulled a big error sign upon loading screen saying something like “map doesnt exist. disconnecting now.” or something like that. and i checked and the map addon file is placed where it should be for the server. Idk what to do. any suggestions?

edit: okay i figured out that i need a Resource file to make it so that the other clients can download my things. Can someone show me how to make a resource file to add a directory and all the files inside.

i found this but i cant really make much of it. the bottom section shows u how.

but #1 where do i place the entire lua file?
and #2 what should i put for dirrectories if i want to foward my addon folder only.
finally #3 how can i make it so it fowards multiple directories. thanks in advance