Addon Variables to a HUD?

Alright, so I have a file called HUD.lua
and I have ULX AutoPromote and uTime, installed as addons (not in my Gamemode folder!)

I was wondering if from my HUD file, I could call the variables (I know I need to make them global, not local) and from those variables print some text to the HUD I currently have?
The variables I want to display in my HUD would be the player’s uTime, his rank, and his time until the next rank.
If this is possible, how would I do it?
Any and all help is appreciated, as the quicker I get this done the better.
Thank you!

Why would you take a job on coderhire if you can’t even do this.

I’m perfectly capable of doing a HUD. But upon accepting it, the hirer later gave me a more detailed picture of something that I’m not capable of doing without a teensy bit of help.
Thanks anyway, I have it fixed, google just wasn’t cooperating at this time.

Edit: Let me also point out, that my hirer and I live in completely different timezones, so I’ll end up working all day on something, and he’ll ask my to change it entirely overnight. The lack of communication here is clearly an issue that’ll lead to this project being late or incomplete. Also the fact that he wants me to fix just about 50% of the broken files for his server to make everything work, and he wants it fixed free of charge (both of these also not in the Job description, and only told to me after acceptance). Seeing that this clearly is not going to happen, on neither of our terms, I have contacted the hirer to cancel/withdraw my application as it stands, as I refuse to continue to work like this. I’ll take the bad rep on CoderHire if this is what it takes to not finish this job. I’d rather do that, than finish this work. Hirer’s need to be more clear about these descriptions.