Addon Wont open up

I had someone make me a addon to have tabs and info about donations, but whenever I put it inside my addon folder it isnt wanting to open up, I put it in the autorun folder and stuff and still won’t work. Any ideas?

Ask the guy who made you the thing. How should we know what’s wrong with it.

He tried everything he could (Sad part it I paid for it too)

Well if he scammed you (said he would make it work and didn’t and you payed him money) then give him negative rep on coderhire (I presume it was coderhire if you payed) and report him. Also learn from this, people will scam you the fact you payed just makes it seem like he got the money and thought “oh I can’t be arsed to actually make it work, I will make up some bullshit instead”

Sorry dude but it really seems like you got scammed.

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I thought I recognised your name you already gave him good rep, also if you look at his steamrep he has scammed 2 people in tf2 trading for high value items, buds and unusuals.Always check peoples rep and any profiles before you put too much trust in them.

Yeah he told me to go ahead and give him a good rep on there while it downloaded. Which I thought okay like a idiot and did it. Wish I could change it.

Well you can always report him to _Undefined and leave a bad comment on his profile saying how he scammed you.

I’m going too message him and if he doesn’t refund me or fix the code I will.

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LoGiCKzZ: Have you tried making another folder for me yet?
LoGiCKzZ: Have you tried making another folder for me yet?
Toasty: Doing it now.
LoGiCKzZ: Alright thanks.
Toasty: Got your server up?
Toasty: Here, let’s use TeamVieweer
Toasty: *Viewer
Toasty: Logic?
LoGiCKzZ: Alright let me get on my computer.
LoGiCKzZ: 495 705 359
LoGiCKzZ: 5813
LoGiCKzZ: Alright let me get the files back on here
Toasty: No, don’t do anything
Toasty: I’m uploading the file
LoGiCKzZ: k
Toasty: Join your server
Toasty: It’s not a chat command anymore
Toasty: Once you’re in, hit every F key
Toasty: Like, F1, F2, etc.
Toasty: Kay, couple errors
Toasty: Give me control
Toasty: I dunno, man
LoGiCKzZ: Let me read the installation thing
Toasty is now playing Garry’s Mod. Click here to join.
LoGiCKzZ: Any way I can get a refund? I mean I did spend 15 bucks on something that doesn’t work, I will have to pay someone else to make something else.
Toasty: It works, you’re just not installing it correctly.
Toasty: We’ve proven numerous times that the code is fine.
LoGiCKzZ: I am not installing it correctly?
LoGiCKzZ: You came and tried it via teamviewer
Toasty: We proved that the code was fine yesterday
Toasty: Your server simply can’t support it
Toasty: When you hired me, I was tasked with supplying you working code, which I did
LoGiCKzZ: I never heard of a code not working on just my server? I will ask undefined if either of these codes are working then.
Toasty: I don’t know who that is
LoGiCKzZ: You first tried to say I wasn’t installing it correctly then you said my server doesn’t support it, I am a horrible coder, and I have coded things that works fine on my server.
Toasty: All I’m saying is that you paid for working code.
Toasty: I gave you working code.
Toasty: Done deal.
LoGiCKzZ: Apparently it isn’t working, I mean everyone else on coderhire, is professional and supplies lifetime support, which it means they will help you if it doesn’t work
Toasty: I’m still willing to help you
LoGiCKzZ: then what is the issue with why it isnt working
Toasty: Not my problem. I sold working code
LoGiCKzZ: Not working.
Toasty: It’s not working because of something you did.
Toasty: The code is fine.
Toasty: Now please, I’m busy.

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That is the conversation between me and him today I already messaged undefined to warn him about him scamming I am going on there to report/leave a comment on his page.