Addon won't work

i have window 7. i use winrar i extract the file to the addon file then i play but i dont have them

So you extracted to program files/steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons? Then made sure you restarted?

Check for any problems with extracting. Make sure it is addons/addonname and all the files in addonname, NOT addons/addonname/addonname which is how it sometimes extracts.

yes i i extract tosteam garrymod addon file and i restert gmod but stilll dont work

I lose a few IQ points for every reading.

First of all, what addons are you trying to download? Some of them aren’t in the easy, faggot-friendly format, and you need to put materials n’ shizz where they belong.

i am trying to download Kermite’s weapons

And you bought garry’s mod with the massive amount of currency it takes to own via steam?

yes i bought it from steam

can some help me

Do any other addons work? Other than Kermite? If you’ve put the recycled LUA known as kermite in your garrysmod/addons folder, it SHOULD work.

No other add ons will work


Post a link to the exact addon.

there is no exact addon NONE WILL WORK

Try making some frickin’ sense.

Doesnt this make sense to u there is no add on that will work for me i will download them then extract them to garrymod add ons they dont work.

You aren’t installing them right. Give us a link to one that you know will not work.


Okay, I’ll explain it to you for that one addon. Take the folder named “kermite”, which should be the first one you see in WinRaR, and drag it into the addons folder. If you somehow mess this up, you are officially retarded. If this WORKS (meaning your IQ is above 50), then I will further explain to you how to install most downloads/ addons.

I AM EXTRACTING IT and putting it in the garrymod ADD ON F****ING RETARD. IT DOESNT WORK