Addon workshop unsubsciption impossible

Hi all, i try to delet the backdoored obama addon, but he dosen’t appear on my collection (cause deleted), on my ressource.lua and on my cach end addons directory. BUT when i restart the server, addon was download again… How can i delet thos sh*t without making a new collection ?

thanks all.

You don’t have to make a NEW collection. Why can’t you just edit the current one you are using?

Cause the addon was deleted by valve (i think reported on workshop) so addon dont appear on my collection.
And if addon dont appear, i can’t press the unsubscrib button =/

i have a bad temporary solution : extract him and delet the inocent_file.lua then make the addon read only. But it’s a dirty solution and i realy want to delet it cleanly n_n

Any idea ?

Just delete the .gma in garrysmod/addons. If it was deleted from the workshop it won’t be reinstalled.

it’s already the case. I delet gma and the unmounted cash. I delet all entry one my ressources.lua but every reboot, the addon is redownload…

Go to the collection, press Edit Collection:

Scroll down, find and delete the banned item:

Press this button on the bottom to save changes:

Wow! Ok! on this control panel, i’ve some iteme like “this objecet can’t be found” (or somthink like that, i trad french to english ^^").

Thx a lot n_n