I have a problem, my server does not support some addons.
That is to say for example I installed the addon precission tool but it does not appear in the list of tools.

Can you help me?


(my server is running on linux)

How did you install and where did you install the Precision tool ? maybe you miss the folders :stuck_out_tongue: or you create a ToolsFolder/PrecisionTool and the server is not reading it

EDIT: Remove your precision tool , here is mine well at least is working for me :slight_smile:
Structure: ToolsFolder/lua/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/precision.lua
You can use this folder to add all your addons more “organized” =)

I install my addons in the addons folder.
And I try to vien with your addon and it does not work either.
It is as if the server does not chargait new data.

It might be related to This Issue, but I’m not sure.

Not because it is the server that does not support addons :frowning: