Addonissimo! - Take control of your addons

Ahh, ok.
I just noticed something…
Lua: error loading module ‘addonissimo’ from file ‘h:\steam\steamapps\mannehoe\garrysmod\garrysmod\l ua\includes\modules\gm_addonissimo.dll’:
The lua folder it is looking for has a space between the l an the ua, is that what could be causing this?

No, it’s because it’s missing something only people with Visual C++ have.

Eye Sex.

Awesome, now i don’t need to delete addons which i don’t need in singleplayer/multiplayer.

I have both VC++ 2005 and VC++ 2008 SP1 and it doesn’t work anyway.

You should try this, as the module was built with VC++ 2010.

SVN it! :smiley:

Why do some people insist on putting everything in SVN? It’s useless unless the addon is updated often, which I doubt this is.

If you’re getting the missing module error, try this.

The source is the same but I changed some compiler settings to remove a few dependencies.

If it still doesn’t work then I have a few more things to try.

Thanks for the link. I didn’t know they released new one, but it still doesn’t work. I downloaded x64 version as well just in case.

This works!

Fucking finally. I can have a clean development listen server, yet use a ton of model packs going into multiplayer.

Thanks Chris :slight_smile:



Anyone who had the "The specified module could not be found." error should download v1.1, as it should fix that problem.


It’s working for me now, and I must say, this is the best thing ever. cuts my load times down by a lot.

Glad to hear it :smile:

Didn’t work on mine:

Lua: error loading module 'addonissimo' from file 'c:\program files\steam\steamapps
	The specified module could not be found.

This is with v 1.1 and the one Chrisaster compiled - nothing.

Downloading now! I’ve always wanted an addon manager like this. It’s about time it got made. :smile:
Download that and put it into your system32 folder.

However, I tried all fixes in the entire thread and it still doesn’t work. I get the same error about the missing module.

That’s the only thing I have left to tell you.

Worked, thanks. Great addon! Every coder should get it, so that they can join their dedicated testing server (or listen server) in under 5 seconds. :slight_smile:

A suggestion for an update: Profiles. So that you can have a “developer” profile that disables all addons except the ones you are developing, and a “gaming” profile that enables all addons again. Saves you from having to double click every single addon each time. :smiley:

Another tip: Right click to bring up a menu to select “icon” instead of double clicking constantly.

MOAR TIPS: Make Gmod not load the invisible .svn folders.