Addonissimo! - Take control of your addons

1st tip) I’ll look into it :smile:
2nd tip) I’ll definitely do it
3rd tip) It doesn’t load .svn folders.

I was going to try comparing exporting and not exporting on my sucky laptop to see if it helped loading times or not - but I never got around to it :S Maybe I should try again… but I’m too lazy.

This really irritates me, because SVN should be used for development only. Developers should be packing to .zip files on stable releases. Not everyone wants to use SVN, nor should everyone in the GMod end-user community be forced to download it.

So you’ve made it to skip them? If so then thats awesome.

In a soon-to-come GMod update garry has disabled loading lua in menu, so this add-on will stop working until we find a way around the block.

I agree with this man on the profiles and .svn folders.


Imagine an addon to remove addons…

Let’s hope for the best :unsmith:

dman gmod auto updating… now i have to wait until garrys “Next Update”… wonder how long that might take?

That’s what this is.

Newest update should fix the last gmod update. Please post if you have any more problems!

Been getting this error while attempting to open the extensions menu.

Lua: lua\menustate\addonissimo.lua:242: attempt to call upvalue 'vguiCreateFromTableOld' (a nil value)

Oops, forgot to load the newest version of the lua file. It’s fixed now.

Good Job GBPS :smiley:

Oh my god I love you so much right now.


Some of my menus don’t work I hate you so much


The Visual C++ package fixed it I love you again

You have my download, now I can finally use one garrysmod folder instead of 2 (one for playing and one for developing)

Gbps, am I allowed to include your bypass into my addon?

Man i needed this, the best thing in this is it actually stops loading the addons, rather than just disabling them.


Hum… excuse me but it doesn’t work on my computer because there is nothing. I put the garrysmod folder into the garrysmod/garrysmod so the lua and the addon.
But there is the Module Resource, I don’t know what to do with this and when I launched Garry’s Mod I Went to : Extensions, There is your addon but I can’t use it …

Sorry for the mistakes, I’m not English. Thanks for your future answer :slight_smile: