Addons + Acount Folder?

Okay, to download addons and stuff to your Gmod game you need to goto:

Steam >> Steamapps >> “Account name” >> garrysmod >> garrysmod >> addons.


Im running windows7 and I dont have an account folder in my steamapps? All i see is Source Mods (Which of course there is nothing in there) and this winui.gfc file?? I want to install the addons but i cant find my folder!?!?

Can anyone help? Please? Thanks in advance. If you can figure out how to help me…

Have you run gmod at least once?

Yes i have multiple times and joined servers and downloaded stuff from their servers?

Its very easy:

If a folder contains an info.txt and isnt a gamemode, It goes in the addons folder

If it doesnt contain an info.txt, you simple extract it one folder above addons, Putting the files into folders required

No, like, i cant even find where my Garrys mod Is located on my hard drive. Even Windows search cant find it? And my steam doesnt have my account folder -_-

Are you running 64-Bit? If so make sure you go to Program Files (x86) instead of just Program Files.

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