Addons, addons and addons.

Most of facepunch’s members identify the problem with current state of addons.

First it was bad implementation with all “merge with /garrysmod/”.

Now the state of developing the “necessary” addons to have fun in garrysmod is becoming the problem.
You have, and numerous SVN repo’s.

You have primary developers and “stealers” who come and change info.txt and a few files to make it look like they’ve done something.

People constantly renaming and spamming addons to, making a fuzz of the actual searching of proper addons.

I’m trying to show a direction here, garrysmod “modding” community should start unifying the directions&rules of publishing. And start to create a strong clear community and transparent list of project owners and primary repositories to help people who still would like to stay on the player side and not on google-dork hunting the proper addon versions.

I think Garry said he wanted to make a sort of “app store” within gmod for addons. Maybe he’s been working on it?

Yeah he is, It’s called Toybox

We need to adopt something similar to Quake 3’s PK3 system. That is all.

He’s going to sell addons ? Fuck him.

Or an in-game GUI with a list of :airquote: stable :airquote: addons, that have an public SVN repo.

And redistribute Garrys Mod with an commandline SVN binary, so you can install stuff with an click of an button \o/.

For example " Ideal for automated build and deploy scripts "
So the game GUI would deploy

SVN co SVN://repo-address folder

Fuck TortoiseSVN.


Are you completely and utterly retarded? He’s only calling a store for the safe of terms, addons are forcibly open-source since you can’t compile Lua for garrysmod, so it’d be pointless making people pay for them.

Please, some way to get Wiremod and PHX in-game OR without SVN at least.


SVNs are an idiot filter.

I like what you’re saying, but what about the stuff that DOESN’T fit your criteria? And what about dedicated servers?

PK3 system. That is all.

Gmod SVN syndrome.

One thinks something is so hard to do, it is not worth trying. Actually it is not hard at all.


THIS THIS OH GOD THIS! This is why I HATE people who download stuff from and then say “i haz svn u n00b wat u talkn bout?” Then I ask them which SVN client they use and they say “ok fine u got meh” and then I have to talk them through SVN. Everyone who uploads an SVN addon to should be banned from downloading anything there ever.

X2 on MacTrekkie and the post about the Idiot filter


its not an app store its a app testing thing where you dont download the enity to use it

Jedi Academy was absolute shit with that, people would upload packs and include shader files that end up overriding assets#.pk3 and fuck over maps.

So you go into the PK3 and remove those shader files.

They’re just renamed zip files, man.