Addons all of this sudden will not load in GMOD

So I started my game up today and noticed it is saying I am not subscribed to any addons, even though I am, it seems that the addons wont load into GMOD.


you aren’t, blame valve and the ‘Saxxies’

Have you tried restarting the game a couple times?



Yeah, I have that same problem. And I have like 200+ addons.

Really frustrating. >_<

I got unsubscribed in Steam’s browsers Workshop “Subscribed Item” list. All my addons there are missing. I have no idea what I subscribed too. I re-subscribed through the Steam browsers Workshop and today my addons are once again unsubscribed with no history of what I subscribed to.

Is this normal for Gmod? I haven’t had any issues the past 6 or so months…

It’s not, some kind of glitch is making us suffer like that.

Honestly I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong. But if we’re all having the same issue then all is well.

So uhh…is there an update on the way?

Or…like a way to force Gmod through the console to recheck whatever is in the addon folder and have it load up? Everything is detected in Offline Mode but clearly I can’t run a map without a CTD.

I got the same problem.

I thought i was the only one who got the same problem…
So, We need to wait for the next update?


This happened to me a couple days ago but they reappeared last night on their own.

You’re so lucky bro.

Today I decided to re-verify the integrity and instead of the usual 1 corrupt file it was 5. After a couple of re-downloads 90% of my subscription list within the Steam Workshop has returned but every time I try to run a map I get a CTD.

Edit: So apparently the appearing and disappearing of the Subscriptions List is a steam problem (or so says tech support). But I’m still getting CTD’s whenever I try anything. I guess I’ll look in another thread.

Yeah. I just got all of my addons back (200+) Its just this weird bug and it should go once you do that and wait a bit. :smiley:

Looks like my subscriptions are back thankfully.

Whenever this happens there is pretty much nothing you can do other than wait it out. Some say restarting Steam may work, if not then don’t waste your time uninstalling or anything. Just wait it out.

If this happens start a disscussion on valve as this is a steam problem (I’m not trying to be an admin)