Addons and tools.

I tought that i would/could/should post this here. About best set of construction tools and addons. I removed my gmod so long time ago that i dont remember almoust any of good tools and addons. So What to get? And if we mange to make really good list what about to sticky it so all stupid people, lazy ones (like me) and new players could find the best set of construction tools, mods and that stuff.
Wiremod, weight tool, adv dupe and that other dupe thing mm what else? PHX comes with gmod but it doesnt have all same props in spawnlist as the downloaded version. And Tortoise SVN to dowload most of them.

Wenli’s Toolset.
TGi’s Toolset.
PHX Toolset (or the model pack that comes with them).
Karbine’s Multiparent.
Weight Tool.
TB’s Duplicator.

I don’t have links, as I’m at school, but a quick search on gmorg should find them all (except TGi’s tools, but Google can help you with that).

Thank you. And people dont stop posting, tell what you think is a good/useful tool!

Fading door and ignore tool.

Goon svn
ACF code
ACF models
Tank sounds
Some engine sounds
Some more sounds
This might not hurt.
This has the last sounds you need.
This is surprisingly useful for weld-selectall-parent and other things like that.

That’s all anyone ever should need, to be honest.

There are so many useless addons in the Goon SVN it isn’t even funny. Sounds are also not addons and are completely optional, if not cool sometimes.

I strip useless stuff off the server all the time. SMBP and Hoverboards should be gone, for one.

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Same with PAC2 and a few other things.

My list of required addons:

(Not sorted after importance)

1) Advanced Duplicator
2) GB-Radial
3) Resource-Browser
5) Wiremod SVN
6) Wenli's Tools
7) Weight Tool
8) Luapad
9) Smartsnap

Personally I have a few more such as Wheel’s Pack, Gear’s Pack, Joystick, Visual-Clip tool and ECS.
But they’re more specific, and you can’t just download ECS.

* Steeringwheels pack
* keypad

Pluss most of the stuff already mentioned here.

I’m still stunned that the new gear pack that doesn’t suck ass is still not in the goon svn.

oh happy memorial day Americans. :patriot:

Where do i find the tgi set? I used to have it but reformated my computer and havn’t played in ages. Only valuable google search led me to this thread.