Addons auto-scan and download from other player. (Proposal)

if I connect to a game of another player ( eg LAN / hamachi ) and he has the addon that I have not these will be downloaded in the form of material and not as the original file from the workshop .

you can enter in the next game update a panel that allow you to choose the additional content so that they are downloaded by those who connect to the game as normal. greetings

I’ve understood none of this except for you are using Hamachi.

Use Google translate, it would be easier to understand you.

I don’t see the “Drunk” language on here.

Don’t be ignorant, what if his native language is not English?

I think what he means is;

Is there a way to, instead of downloading the workshop files (gma), downloading the files directly (legacy) when joining a server with addons? If not, he’d like to see an option added to pick which one you want.

As far as I know, there isn’t.

I think what he’s trying to say is that if he joins a LAN server or joins a friend over hamachi; and the person hosting has certain addons installed that he doesn’t it will download them like a FASTDL rather than from the workshop.

It was a joke. -_-

Obviously it did not come across as such.

As to OP, someone had something like this before I believe, you may have to get all the workshop items for the server and then offer a DL link to the user, otherwise there may be a better way.

this isn’t a release thread so I’m locking it but wanted to quickly add - gmod has both fastdl and workshop download compatibility