Addons Break When Renamed?

An example is renaming “pointshop-master” to “pointshop”. Then all of a sudden it breaks. Same with things like the TTT Damagelog Menu. Any fixes or explanations?

Define “breaks”. It should not matter AT ALL unless the addon itself does some hacky stuff.

Breaks as in, it acts like it was never there. PointShop doesn’t open, damage log menu doesn’t open, etc. I ran a NP++ search in all files for the name. I can’t find any code that limits that.

My pointshop is named pointshop and it works just fine. Are you sure it worked before the name change?

Absolutely. And it works if I change it, then change it back.

Dumb question, but are you restarting the server between these renames?

Does a map change not recache them too? Or does it need a full restart?

Try a full restart…