Addons Crash GMOD?

GMOD works Perfectly when joining servers with no addons. But if I subscribe to ANY addons then I cannot join any servers. They load all downloads successfully and when “Sending Client Info” the game returns to dekstop and is now called “Engine Error” in task manager. If I disable all addons the game returns to normal.

So far I have tried:

-Deleting hl2.exe
-Running Windowed
-Setting launch option “-console”
-Seting launch option “+mat_dxlevel 95”
-Reinstalling, 3 times so far >_<
-Veryfying cache, which always seems to fine that a ~400kb file needs recovering, not sure if this is related
-Deleting Downloads Folders
-Deleting Addons Folder
-System Restore to a point when it worked fine a few days ago
-Disabling Firewall & Letting GMOD through Firewall (Using Windows Security)
-Running in compatability mode for Win 7 and as Admin.

Not sure if this is even everything! Ive been Googling my head off for days!
I have exhausted any and all fixes I can find multiple times.

Also, when the error first started it would complete “Sending Client Info” it would load into the game with a black screen and I could only click and hear sounds from other players in game. And I have to hold my power button as my mouse and keyboard no longer work in this state.

GMOD is installed on a secondary drive. My main drive is an SSD. When the crash occurs, no dump files are created.


OS: Windows 10
GFX: GTX 660ti
CPU: i7-3770
MOBO: Asus P8-Z77-V
RAM: Corsair XMS 2x4GB

Paste the engine error here. If we don’t know what the error is we really cant help you.

I was about to say that it never gives me and error, which it mostly doesn’t, but today I started it up and the Engine Error “Could not create Tahoma Font” came up, or something to that effect, now when I try to join a game with addons installed it goes to black screen and I have to restart my PC.

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New development! I have ran windows in safe mode and GMOD runs perfectly! I am still not sure what is causing the error, could it be a driver or a conflicting program?