Addons Crash solving

Hello , i’m not a newbie ,but i don’t know better place to write this problem .
When i have in Addons - Stargate,PHX,999 of NPCs from and SBMP + SB3 it’s ok , but when i add RD3 Necessary SVN, RD3 Optional SVN and RD3 Optional SVN the game crashes everytime i press Q ( props menu) help me pls :frowning: i want to play with theese addons … :frowning:
Please , can someone upload his addons (working) somewhere ???

4GB ram (1066MHZ) , Intel Q6600 (4x 2,4ghz) , GeForce 295 GTX (1782MB)

The addons could be broken… simple as that.

Youre not the one to decide if you are a newbie. It is the people around you that do.

I’ve got a hunch that it may be those NPCs conflicting with RD3.
Or hell, RD3 might even be broken.

I agree, but that really had nothing to do with his question, bro.

:slight_smile: lol , ok :smiley: