Addons disable default tools

When I add SOME addons, it disables the default gmod tools, but none of the other addons. It is wierd, because only some addons do this, and I can still continue to add other addons. Is there anyway I can fix this, because it is rather annoying… There are no lua errors, and I have no idea what it is. Please help me…

You have to many lua files/addons.

But that’s the thing. I got this problem from the start, then i removed the most recent addon, then i added more, and it all works. Is that still the case? That doesn’t make sense, and if it is, is there anyway I can have them all and not get that problem?

It might of been that addon.

Several addons do it, but when I remove those specific addons, I can then add more. Multiple addons do the same thing, and I never had this problem on my old server. I just wan’t a solution .-.

HAHA SOLUTION: Just add the lua files to the lua folder, and not the addons file. The limit is only on addons!