Addons Disapear!

well, up until today, i had 152 addons working on my Garry’s Mod game, but today, when i went to join a single player game, i realized that none of the addons were there. upon realizing this, i went to my addons tab in the main menu, where it said i had none installed. i then checked in the steam workshop, where it said i was subscribed to all of the addons i had. i then looked in my addons folder in my garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder, and all my addons were there, they just weren’t there in game.
any help with this would be appreciated!

Had this bug too!
Delete all youre addons in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons
if that don’t works reinstall every single addon :3

Hello up there, Facepunch.

Just popping by to tell you that we’re havintg yet another massive GMWorkshop blackout across several clients.
Sofar there are as I count 3 individual discussion forums on the Gmod HUB.
In those forums we have somewhat close to 30+ praticipants about now.

Someome mind calling the Garries.

This has happened before; it’s an issue with Steam. Garry can’t solve it.

Got the same issue here! I went to go and play a server that I play on frequently and it started downloading all the content and I was like “What the heck?! Ive already downloaded this” so I went to go look at my subscribed addons, and they were all gone! though the weird thing is that all of my addons are in the addons folder under programfiles/steam/steamapps/common/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons
so idk whats happening… probably just a temporary problem with workshop :confused:

Ive got this too, Cant even upload screenshots.

Its Steam, a few mates and I just tried to fix it and it does nothing, eerily enough its not affecting everyone. Just a few people.

yea, its steam, not Garrys mod guys, if you really want to fix it before a fix is released, you can convert all your .gma files to folders, and go from there.

Game doesn’t even load half the addons I have, although that may be because I have a metric ****ton of addon subscriptions.

The odd bit?

I only get this bug online. When playing with Steam in offline mode (which is 99% of the time due to a horrible ISP), every single addon (that I have downloaded, that is) loads.

Is Valve aware of this?

Try turning steam to “offline mode”, then re-enabling online mode. Afterwards, Launch GarrysMod.
If the previous actions do not get your addons back, restart steam, if that doesn’t recover them: you must re-install them all.

This is and has been an existing problem with steam across workshop-enabled games.

There’s not much that can be done to fix this issue currently, its up to Steam to fix it.