Addons disappear when hosting server

I’ve played Gmod for about a month now and I already have over a gig of addons. I usually play with a friend of mine who hosts the server. Recently though, when one of us hosts a server, nearly all of our addons disappear. In single player, everything is still there. This started happening a week ago and before everything worked fine. However certain addons like model packs(PHX) and stools stayed. Only NPCs, weapons, vehicles, and entities disappear. If anyone has/had this problem and could help it would be greatly appreciated.

bump because Its been a week and no ones replied and I still have this problem

Models/NPCs/Entities dissapear in multiplayer unless the server you are on has those models/entities/NPCs

So Models/NPCS/Entities only show in singleplayer because you have them on your own computer

Thats the thing, me and my friend have almost identical addon folders. Every time one of us finds a new one we both get it.

Maybe the server needs to have the add-ons added onto them?

I dont recall how to do so however.

Hmmm… well okay I`ll try to find out how to do that. Thanks for your help.

Edit: I should add that most likely it is my friends problem, he tells me that even in singleplayer his addons are gone, so that explains why when he hosts what our stuff is missing. Still dont know why they disappeared or why my stuff disappears when I host.