addons doesnt work in Garry Mod

Ello all

I played Garry Mod For the first time today and the addon the first addon i had worked fine
i added more addons i started Garry’s mod and nothing worked the addons didnt showed up

I deleted all Addons Putted them back in the addon section still nothing
I reinstalled Garry’s Mod Nothing happend

Please help me If u Can

am i late?

Nah doesnt matter anymore a friend of me sended a link for a Garry mod addon installer or someting

oh oka

Well if you figured this out then maybe you can help me. I got garrys mod and wanted to add some add-ons so i could mess with nukes and stuff. I only download .zip add-ons( i dont really know if that matters or not). I download the .zip files to the add-ons folder in the garrys mod C files. I exstract all and extract it into a folder INSIDE the acuall add-ons folder in in the C disk garrys mod. When i turn on garrys mod the weapons arent in the weapon selection. I’ve been told that the add-ons might be faulty but thing is i’ve seen them used on other servers so how can they be faulty?

P.S. If you guys can help me with this, do i just download props into the add-on folder aswell?

You don’t put the ZIP inside the addons folder, you put the contents of the zip inside.

But some things aren’t in addon format, and I can redirect you to a thread that explains it in a comprehensive fashion.

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