Addons don't appear in-game

I have downloaded all my addons into addons folder, they all have info.txt and I have watched countlesss tutorials yet my addons never appear in game.

What addons do you use?

I’ve tried so many addons and none of them work. I have tried all of the ones on the front page of
garry’s and more and none of them seem to work in-game.

First do the following:
Empty your whole addons folder.
Install ONE addon, I reccommend you to install the stacker stool

Then EXTRACT it to steam\steamapps\yourname\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons
Later, get on Gmod, open up extensions and make sure the addon is shown there. You might need to activate it or something (Sadly, I don’t have any Gmod atm :/)

Tell me what happens and all :smiley:

ok I’ll try it and get back to you with my result

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No, still didn’t work but is your addons.txt file supposed to contain wordds as mine is empty.

I worked it out now the info.txt has to be in the first folder and because of the extraction it was moved to the second thanks for your help

No, addons.txt is supposed to be empty. Did you get this issue fixed or not? I can’t tell from your last reply.