Addons from Steam Workshop and moving them to another PC

I lately downloaded lots of mods and addons on my one computer, however I have no idea how to copy them to my other PC. Downloading them again is impossible in due of internet limits. Also Steam backup copies only main game files. So what should I do in this case? I’m unable to download them on second PC…

P.S. Sorry for bad English

Did you subscribe to them using the steam workshop? If you did, they will automatically redownload, however since you have an internet limit, you can go into C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/Garry’s Mod/garrysmod/addons folder and copy all of the addons there, and transfer them over to your other computer in the same location.

I did subscribed them on Steam Workshop, I did copied them as you said and nothing works, steam still wants to download them.

EDIT. I think I know what mistake I’ve made. Propably I forgot to copy other things than models in the game…

If you want to download everything you ever downloaded (Completely copy the mods from your PC to the other one), you will need to copy the following folders (All inside Garry’s Mod/garrysmod):

  • addons
  • download
  • downloads

There’s only 1 download folder which is empty. Addons hopefully has files, all in .gma . Gmod sees only models without any weapons, vehicles , maps, etc. Only radgolls. I must say I downloaded them as well.

Not everyone has gmod installed to the default location.

Just move your addons folder like everyone has told you to.
It will only say it’s downloading for each file as verification that it’s installed.

For the most part, steam is installed within the ‘steam’ directory and the steamapps/common directory is almost always to follow. The fact that this individual is reaching out for help in regards to a simple addon transfer indicates he likely hasn’t got steam installed anywhere other then it’s default location as I had specified. No need to add any confusion to the mix.

I found out what to do. I just used G-GMA extractor and put all folders into addons.

I think this thread can be closed.

Why would you even use that
Gmod reads .gma files from the addons folder…