addons help

now before you ask no this is not about where to put addons i know where but what i want to know is why some things dont work for me

explame: me and my brother both play this and we found this kitty pack thing from haxor kitty so i DLed it and put it in the addons folder but i can find any cats at all

another one is that i DLed a vehicle mod that includeed a whole bunch of vehicles but once i again i cant find them in vehicles only the deafault ones

Are you sure that the addons were definitely in addon format? It should be a folder with some folders inside and an info.txt file. If there is no info.txt file, then it isn’t in addon format, and usually is extracted to garrysmod directory rather than addons folder, if you link me to the addon(s) I will tell you where to extract them to

yeah i can but it will take me just a little while to find them ill edit this when i do find them

I don’t like HaxorKitty at all. He stole my pic and my “Kitty” NPC and put them in a shitty pack.

For the first link, VMOD, when you open the downloaded file there is a folder called VMOD which you just place in addons. For the kitty pack, extract it straight to garrysmod directory, and you’ll need this addon too for kitty pack which is also extracted straight to garrysmod directory. Hopefully you can see how other addons are extracted now