Addons I must put on my server?


At the moment I have :






Adv.Dup ( With Wire and Phx )

Nothing else to help builders?

Thanks in advance.

I suggest the stuff i have : PHX 3, Wire mod, PC Mod v2, Smart snap v1 (u have i) Stacker, NUKE, Super tool pack Door STool

Oh for the love of god don’t put any nuke packs on there. Those get really annoying when admins start playing around with them.

Also, I guess I could suggest my parenting (it’s kinda like a super-weld) tool?

I have PHX3, Wire Mod.

PC Mod, there are too many things to download after the installation, same problem as Engine Mod.

NUKE… I don’t really see what’s the point of that.

Super Tool Pack, I prefer choose by myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Door STool makes the server lag and doors seems to have a problem to be removed, also a looping sound can be created, and for those who don’t know " stopsounds " they will ragequit the server because of the noise.


I’m really interested in that, but other tools like that seems to crash the server, maybe this one is ok, I don’t know, if someone has it and running it fine tell me.

I would suggest the new engine mod of 09 witch they have fix many bugs.

I already replied to that, too much things to download after the installation, and downloads kill the server. :confused:

I presume you added a check for ‘double parenting’?

Easy Precision

For fucks sake, stop with these threads.

Why? On the off chance that I ever end up on someone’s server, it would be nice if they have all the essentials. Nothing is quite so frustrating as joining a build server and finding out that there is no Adv. Duper, or that they don’t have wire.

You need the Nuke pack.


Nuke Pack == one way ticket to shit-server-land.

GCombat should be the MOST DESTRUCTIVE thing on a server at ANY GIVEN TIME.

P.S. Feel free to stick GCombat on the server if you want

I think it’s already there with PHX.

Only stick with tools and mostly non-destructive props when adding addons. No SWEPS, No NPCs, none of that useless bullshit.

Yes, and a lot of other checks and assurances to make sure you can’t break shit, along with a few other features like unparenting all children, unparenting individual children, full collision (except for a minor bug where child entities can go through the world, but you can’t unparent anything that’s fully inside the world, so that can’t be abused really) and more.

As said above, a lot of checks and fixes so you can’t break anything, crash the server, or abuse it really. I’ve got a full list of features and uses in my thread I linked you to.

Because there is one every fucking 3 days. If you know how to go back one page YOU’LL FIND THE GODDAMN ESSENTIALS LIST.

You’re on Facepunch and you expect people to know how to do things? No matter how simple?

You, sir, are and idiot. :frowning: