Addons I'd like to see on the workshop one day.

I am no person to make Addons for the Gmod workshop. I don’t have the time, I have no idea how to and don’t have the time to learn and many other obscurities.

I will list some Ideas that I personally would like to see on the workshop, maybe give some Modders/Addon Creators some ideas.

Realistic Car Pack
This would contain many cars of all types that perform like real cars while not being gross like Scars or basic made Lua Vehicles.
Features this Might contain:
Engine On/Off Function
Damage System
Seat Ejection at highspeed Crashing
Seatbelts, (To counter Seat Ejection) Maybe with a model aswell. not likely
Gears, G = Gear Up B = Gear Down
Other car stuff like radio and lights

Random Model Pack
There is a lack of these type of models on the workshop
I will list some that could be in the pack:
Small household Items
Rope, In ragdoll form
Strap, In ragdoll form, preferably made of Polyester/Nylon Webbing
Working Lights, Lamps and other light emitters

I know I said I’d list the things I want but I seriously currently ran dry on ideas, comment your thoughts and some of your own Suggestions.

Some more types of furniture is absolutely a nice idea, even with the many models available as they are
There’s already a few model and even entity packs that include food
And I’m sure it’s possible to make a ragdoll-esque rope using lua or even qc
Not sure what you mean about straps
Scripting for the several default light props seems doable but not efficient. It’s not possible to make a prop light up on its own without using the light or lamp tool however.

As for cars. I did see a nod of someone trying this. But only with one vehicle, as an alpha test

If that car pack is real, people may throw off vcmod and novacar

What I mean by strap is like ermm (Image time!)

Or something like:

In ragdoll form, with many bones for high detail look. My use: To make stuff in PAC3 that ever require anything with straps or rope like Bag Strap or just a jiggle bit of rope hanging from a bag.

I am a great user of PAC3.

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Ive managed to make something that resembles the look of a seatbelt with a simple model from this addon: I am having trouble finding a good/better material, the current one which you can see below pretty much looks like a seatbelt but I want a proper model that looks likeWebbing with the same Specularity which is key for a material that requires it, I have applied this material to other things but its not even made for straps, it just a shiny plastic material

Never heard of novacar until now. Seems like the sort of thing for an RP server
It’s alright, but the mod I’m talking about looked like it changed vehicle handling in a way
There was a video of the coder driving a (turbocharged?) SUV through a map, that’s all I remember of it.

Huh? Ive personally never heard of Novacar, does it meet any of my “wants” above?

Engine On/Off Function - yep
Damage System - yep
Seat Ejection at highspeed Crashing - nope but i could add it easily enough
Seatbelts, (To counter Seat Ejection) Maybe with a model aswell. not likely - nop
Gears, G = Gear Up B = Gear Down - i tried but it seems to be impossible when using prop_vehicle_jeep as a vehicle base so nop
Other car stuff like radio and lights - novacars has lights, i didn’t bother with radio since wyozi’s car radio is better than anything i could manage

its here if you want to check it out though:
its geared heavily towards use with RP servers though, it does work in sandbox but there’s a few annoying bugs that I’m still clearing up

hmm have you tried implementing seatbelts? Cant be THAT hard? And a model wouldnt be really difficult can it?

But hey, I wont be able to taste it anyways, cost an’ all.

I’d like to see a total HL2 weapon do over. Make them more suitable within a DarkRP atmosphere, with ironsights, muzzle fire lighting, and fire-mode switching. I feel that they’re a bit wasted and have potential

Yes, remodel them with HD sounds. There are some TFA and CW2.0 packs with HL2 weapons contained so thats a kind of Do over.