Addons just won't load

Alright, I’ve never had a problem with installing addons in the past. They’ve all loaded flawlessly. However, recently, I’ve downloaded several that don’t appear in the game. I unrar’d them into the addons folder and all of that, but they just don’t work.

Here’s one example:


Because that addon is well over a year old. Any old addons probably won’t work due to engine changes and updates.

That would make sense.

I’ll look for another example of my problem.


Ok, here’s another one that doesn’t work.

are you sure you’re extracting it correctly?

Yep. Unraring directly into the addons folder.

Sometimes addon makes have an extra folder. Ensure that the first level directly takes you to the info.txt.

Yep. It does.

I’ll go try it again.

It’s also possible some addons are conflicting with each other.

Well, the helicopter still isn’t working, so how can I tell if it’s conflicting with something?

Remove other addons. How many addons do you have?

Around 25 or so.

Easiest way to test, is rename your garrysmod folder to garrysmod_old, launch Gmod, close it, add the helicopter addon to the new folder, start up Gmod and see if it appears.

I gotta go now, so I’ll do that later.

Thanks for your help.