Addons manage and Weapon pick control

Hello guys, good day.

I would like to request two lua scripts, i guess they are pretty simple. I think there are scripts like that out already, so please, just send me a download link in that case. Thanks.

The first one is an addon manager. You know that “Gmod Settings” option on the main menu? Where you can deactivate the loading of some games models and materials in order to quick load the game?

Well, it would be very nice if i there was a checkbox for each folder i have inside my addons folder. Sometimes, i just want to go to ravenholm and kill zombies for fun, so i dont need more than HL2, CSS and the kermite weapons to do that.

That would make the game runs quick, smooth, and my computer will thanks me for not use a bunch of memory RAM space.

The second one, is… sometimes, i spawn weapons entities or ammo, and sometimes i get them just passing CLOSE to it. Is there a way i could grab the weapons or ammo ONLY by AIMING to it and pressing a key?

That would be good because sometimes i play on ravenholm with my friend, so i can let all the shotgun ammo for him, and all the smg ammo for me.

As i said before, if there’s already such scripts, please, let me apologize for request something that is already done, and please, send me the link for download.

Really Thanks guys.

Well, nevermind about the weapon pick control. I got a way by messing on the zombie survival gamemode files.

Anyone is still up for the addons manage one? Please people, i’m not a retarded or lazy user. Just a novice on Lua codding.