Addons no where to be found.

After scouring google and my spawn list for hours I’m at a loss here. Aside from the addons I’ve gotten off the workshop no addon I install can be found in game. I read that if I changed the info text to addon.txt that would allow it to work but I had no such luck. Any sort of help would be appreciated but I’m struggling to find a solution on my own.

Well what kind of addons are you installing. Make sure you enable all the addons you download from the workshop. And yes legacy addons will work if you change the info.txt to addon.txt with the EXCEPTION of model packs in legacy format, there is a fix that needs to be downloaded for these to show up ingame

Try downloading the Legacy addon on Workshop.

I hope you’re referring to this. Because if not…you cannot download Legacy Addons in the workshop, that’s why legacy addons are called…legacy addons…