Addons not being detected suddenly.

Ok, I just got Gmod fixed, and everything was working fine. But after turning on what addons I wanted to; they wouldn’t work. Worst of all, when I rebooted, the game claims I have absolutely NO subscribed addons when I have like 15 pages worth of subbed addons. AND to make matters worse after a few seconds (provided I can get to the addons screen) it freezes! Dafuq?!

I tried verifying the cache. Nothing doing.

Woah, relax. They wouldn’t work and wouldn’t load? What do you mean you just “fixed” your gmod and then this started happening, have you deleted your gmod folder? I’m getting that crash issue as well, I’m still looking into it but have a lot of running around to do today, so it won’t be until later

I checked the workshop; they’re all there. I load up Gmod; they gone.

By fixed up Gmod I meant that I got it working again after deleting some old addons from 12 which were preventing me from playing.

Yeah, same problem. I went to use my Hax swep… gone. Needed to set something on fire… the tool is gone. Needed to use nuclear warfare for a video… gone.

Seems they’re there one minute then gone the next. Don’t look for any of these problems to be fixed soon.

Make sure they are enabled? I don’t understand how you all are having these problems, yet I’ve had no problems with 4 different copies of gmod on four COMPLETELY different computers, different OS’s, etc. I would delete all your GMA files from gmod/addons and let the workshop downloader redownload them all. Also make sure you aren’t getting overflow errors in your console. Having to many addons will make like…all of them break

No overflow errors, .gma files should be all there.

Eeyup. They’re all there.

I said try redownloading them, not seeing if they were there :rolleyes:

Well I fixed it by backing my folder up and reinstalling.

Now today it fucking broke AGAIN! Same goddamn problem.

Surely I can’t be the only one experiencing this, and there’s GOT to be a fix for it aside from backing up and reinstalling.

Third time this has happened and I’m getting sick of this bullshit. I want a FIX for this. I’m TIRED of backing my shit up and reinstalling only for it to fucking break right afterwards!