Addons not installing correctly

Hey Guys,

I just installed Garry’s Mod on my PC again. After starting the game i noticed that all the Workshop addons were being downloaded, however they do not show up in the addons tab ingame. I then checked my addons folder in the garrysmod directory which i found empty. When i try to join my server (which is working fine because all my friends can join) i get this loading bar saying that all the ressources and everything installed on the server are being downloaded one by one. My friends say that these addons were being installed in their garrysmod/downloads/server folder as .gma files but this folder is also empty for me. After a very long time I was then able to join the server, however none of the addons worked for me. When the server changes the map I get this download bar again and the whole process starts again.
I don’t know if this has anything to do with the problem but since yesterday my steam workshop seems to be buggy (no pictures showing up)

Can anyone help?

Are you sure your GMod is in a folder with write access?

Yes, I didn’t change anything after re-installing the game so everything should be fine with the files and permissions. And it is in the same folder as it was before (default steam directory)