Addons not mounting

Hello, we currently have a dedicated server on linux debian squeeze, since the update 165 all the addons of the server does not load…

Sorry for my english i use google translate.

You’ll probably find your addons in SteamApps/garrysmod/garrysmod_old. Copy them from there.

Where do I copy them to?

Our addons are in the right folder of the server and when we start it, it shows up the addon has been loaded (Adding Filesystem Addon ‘/garrysmod/addons/m9k assault rifles’)

i have the same problem

I have the same problem too D:

Make sure the files and directories are in lowercase if using Linux.

Thank problem solved

Is that a ‘update 165’ problem or?

not solving it for me :frowning: I’m using linux and the directories arent using uppercase letters anymore and it still isnt working/

EDIT: Working now, just had to restart the actual server’s power. Thanks