Addons not saving after installing.

I’m having an issue, where the addons I install, disappears after I close down garrys mod. Can someone please help me? :frowning:

Workshop or legacy? If legacy, where are you installing them to?

Workshop I believe? I’m not sure of the difference. I’m installing them ingame, in the menu where it says Addons. I also tried clicking an addon where it sent me to steam, and installing it from there, but that didnt work either

Edit: And Im not sure where they install at. My old addons which are still working, are in the Garrysmod -> garrysmod -> Addons, in the steam folder

Edit2: I just tried installing a map. The file is in my Addons folder, but when relaunching gmod, it doesnt show in my maps. Also the addon itself still has the “install” option, despite me having the file. And on workshop (the steam section i believe?), it still says Im subscribed!