Addons not sending materials to client from server.

So, I’ve been having this problem whenever I add a gamemode or addon to my server. It’s a dedicated server, hosted by When I first added DarkRP to to it, it sent everything just fine, from server to client. Except the textures and icons were all missing from the f4 menus. I added rp_fists_fix v1 to my servers addons, by downloading it to my client via the workshop, then just yanking it from addons and dropping it straight into my server addons. It seems to send it okay, except when you pull out your fists ingame you just have a giant error over your head. The weird thing is that it seems to be sending all of the appropriate stuff as I watch my client download the right files during connection to the server. I’m left scratching my head. Anybody?

you have to put it in your own game-mode folder to. the darkrp f4 and vote menu will be missing textures unless you add a darkrp folder to your account game-modes. (Username)/garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes

Copy the files to the garrysmod/models folder and so on. If it’s only in the addons or gamemode folder it will not be added to the FastDL (hence why you constantly see the same files try downloading every time you join the server).

are you adding these addons with the workshop?
If so look into the workshop extractor and extract all the files then put those on the server.
Otherwise, you probably have a fastDL server set up but haven’t put the files on the fastDL server.

Well, as it turns out, it is working for everyone except me. It appears my client won’t download either textures or models, even though it shows that it is doing so.