Addons NOT showing up in Multiplayer

Just as the title states SOME of my addons wont show up in mutliplayer…specifically ANY:

Vehicle Mods
NPC Mods
Player Models

They show up in single player, but not in multiplayer and by multiplayer I mean if i make a dedicated server…why is this?

And NO my copy of gmod is NOT a Torrent/Pirated copy, I bought mine from steam and so did my friend.

Any ideas?/suggestions?

So they aren’t working if you join your own server?

Did you copy all of your addons to the dedicated server?

if you join a server that doesn’t have these addons, they wont work

if your trying to use it in your own dedicated server make sure that they are in your dedicated servers registry (almost like having a second gmod)

Ohhhhhhh lol I didnt know about the dedicated server and yeah…lol I feel dumb

Thx for all the replies! :smiley: