Addons not Working HELP PLEASE

**Irecently re installed Steam on my computer, and, of course lost all my addons on Gmod. I thought I could just re install them, but none of the addons work. I try new addons, and they will not show up in my console, and so I cannot use them. I have sent an Email to Garry’s Mod help, but have not received a response.

which addons are you trying to install?

Hi res citizen models, RagMorph, sweps, maps, ect

well i bought gmod a couple days ago so maybe the way you install mods have changed. where are you putting the folders after they are downloaded?

are you extracing them from the zip file.

are you rebuilding cache ingame

are you restarting game after instaliing them.

try this and tell me

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and link account to steam so we can see for proof of purchase

I am just extracting them. It worked fine about a week ago… Yes I did uninstall steam for about a week while while I was away.

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BTW The link is right here.