Addons not working in GMOD 13

Thanks beforehand for any help you can give me. I have searched the site relentlessly trying to find out what I need to do to get these addons to work.

I just started a TTT server and I have played on other TTT servers that have things like custom weapons lying around on the map, end of round music, other custom weapons that aren’t in the workshop, etc…

When adding addons from the workshop I have no problem getting them to work. So far I have Evolve working and have successfully tried some other addons from the workshop as well.

The issue lies in trying to add addons the normal way, by dropping the entire addon folder in the orangebox/garrysmod/addons folder and renaming the info.txt to addon.txt. The addons don’t mount at all.

I have made sure that they are TTT specific and updated.

Is there something I’m missing to get the addons to mount with my server?

Gmod 12 addons are simply outdated unless they are props or skins.

You could try going into the folder for the addons and rename every “info.txt” to “addon.txt”

Some lua’s are fucked up too… So sometimes renaming to addon.txt isnt worth