Addons on Gameserver aren't working properly, not downloading?

So I’ve purchased a bunch of CoderHire scripts and added them to my new GMOD server, however it seems that the materials and what not aren’t being downloaded? For instance, there are textures missing from the custom scoreboard.

The server IP is and the password is testing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you’re real savvy with this kind of stuff I wouldn’t mind giving you access in order for you to show me how to solve the issue.

I’ve tried:

  • Syncing my FastDL through the button on my Server Providers Control Panel
  • Adding sv_allowdownload 1
  • Restarting the server multiple times

Thank-you, excuse my rookie-ness. I’ve been out of the game a long 3 years. :downs:

You must resource.AddFile every file you want to be downloaded. Post FULL console after joining the server.

I don’t follow what you mean by resource.AddFile, could you please explain it?

Pastebin with Console on connect:

To prompt whoever joining your server to download your custom content, you must make a resource.lua file and put it in your lua/autorun/server file.

The code that needs to be put inside the resource.lua is simply;

resource.AddFile ("-custom content directory goes here-")

For example, mine looks like this.

Here are some links that can better explain.