Addons on my server?

Hello! Like most of you know the workshop has arrived, now I know how to simply move some folders to addon folders like we use to in old garrysmod, but the new one with GMA files and everything. How do I get the addons on workshop onto my server? I have seen plenty servers with them like Keypad crackers, keypads, fade doors.
I have tried extracting the files with a “converter” and made a file inside the addon folder called addons on every addon folder. They do not work on my server so I ask if anyone here knows what to do?

pls help!

Use GmadExtractor and drag the GMA file into it. After it gives you the files, just put the Addon into the Addons folder for your server. After that open up the Addon you Extracted and put the files manually into the folders that are in there. This is what i do, and i have had no issues with Addons.

Make a file under server_dir\garrysmod\garrysmod\ named “workshop.vdf” Then follow the scheme below. The long number is the addon ID and can be found in the address bar of the workshop addon

	"1"		"104508032"		//Lua Rollercoasters
	"2"		"107896714"		//Garry's Bombs

Thanks guys, I will try these options when I get home this afternoon :slight_smile: