Addons onsite be seperated. (GMod 9 and GMod 10 addons)

When I go onsite to look for epicsauce addons, I seem to find addons that are more epicsauce then epicsauce (awesomer then awesome), but when I download them, extract them, etc., I seem to get ones that were made for GMod 9, which is really annoying and wastes the memory that my computer needs.

In my own opinion, I think it would organize everything a bit better for me and everyone else.

I’ve never ever seen a Gmod 9 addon on

You’d be surprised once you download them.

Or not (if you don’t get surprised >.>)

In fact, I think I did it again.

There are no Garry’s Mod 9 addons left on

-_- Yes there are. I seem them every day.

Either you install them wrong or they are just outdated by the recent updates.

Some addons don’t use the addon system, that doesn’t mean they’re for gmod 9.

sigh I wish you guys would just go look.

Link me one Garrysmod 9 addon.

If there really was an update that changed things in Gmod, then outdated models need to removed-stat.

There are some Gmod 9 addons left on Gmod, however they’re mostly model packs and simply remain for that reason. Also, the link you provided was for the Pre-OB update (Ie Gmod 10), not Gmod 9. The post OB Update (ie Gmod 11) has a new version of that very addon.