Addons partially working

Hello everyone

Recently I have been trying to play GMod with my friends and I set up a local server thru Hamachi. Thing is, the addons download for them, but strangely enough do not load. They load for me, but for them, each addon is just errors. For example, I have the Playable Piano. They can spawn it, but it’s an error. I can see it just fine. I initially thought it might be a problem with GMod’s FastDL, but the problem applies for all people who connect to my server, be it a local server or dedicated (yes, the same issue happens on dedicated server too).
Tried to diagnose the problem, but the console doesn’t output anything strange. I tried to unsubscribe, delete, redownload the addons on both my computer and my friends’ but that didn’t solve the problem. I also made an addon collection, but that also didn’t solve the problem.
I’m left clueless. What could the problem be?

Things I have modified in console so far :
sv_lan 0
sv_kickerrornum 0
net_maxfilesize 64

Are you adding those workshop addons for download with resource.AddWorkshop()?

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FastDL is not used by default, you must make a separate web server for that.

umm…nope. is that command only for srcds or also for local game?

EDIT: I also included my Workshop collection in srcds, but not thru the function, but rather thru -console parameters

You must mark each workshop addon for download for clients with resource.AddWorkshop().

thing is, i used to host a local game thru gmod client some time ago and i had no problems. all of a sudden, addons are not working for others :confused:
i also get huge lags if i used srcds (server+client on same computer)
it just got messed up recently for no apparent reason

Ask your friends to subscribe to the addons your server is subscribed to.

will do and report the outcome :smiley:
thanks for now

this advice has turned out to be the solution. thanks for your help :smiley: