Addons Problem never seen before

So hello i have a new Problem i never seen anything with that on google or something and for me its new to

all my addons works but not the addons like 3d screens wire mod all that sweps stuff i think but all other addons i added work i just wanted to install a riot shield but it dont show up at weapons in the game all the stuff what i add at tools to

if someone can help me there would be really nice i installed the other stuff like wire mod and 3d screens how i installed normal addons when you need something just tell me i give you logs or something but in console nothing shows up with an error or anything

thank you already for your help

Can you post a link to the addon?

thats the riot shield wire mod and stuff is from workshop to

Althought this is Developer section, not support, i would like to ask you if you have a reasonable number of addons subscribed

Oh Sorry when i install like skins for character it still works but i have like 28 addons already


no one know anything ?


This is not the place to post this. Post it here: