Addons problem

Hi. I have a problem with addons to the game. When I add them in the game do not see them. I enter the menu, enter the extensions and see these addons, but in spawn menu don’t ;<. Sorry for my bad english.

Restart Garry’s Mod after putting Addons.

I already did and nothing.

Can you share your addon to here? probably i could fix it

None of them do not want to work. ;/

Bump. Please, help me.

Bumps are retarded

You won The Most Helpful User on Facepunch award.
On Topic: When you mean “Addons”, do you mean addons like Half Life 2, Counter Strike: Source, and Team Fortress 2? Or, do you mean addons like the ones you find on If the former, make sure you have fully installed the game, and you have at least played it once. If the latter, did you install them correctly? (Example: Put the models in the right place, etc).