Addons: Rendered spawn icons not matching with tooltip names

Okay, in case the title does not make any sense…here is the problem.

Quick visual guide to issue… a picture is worth a thousand words…
(You will need to click “All Sizes” to see the large pics.

Firstly, everything works…apart from the issue below.
Everything is up to date with SVN’s etc.
The problem occurs with ADDONS only and not the original GMOD install.

Imagine, you want to select an amraam missile (or whatever FIRST icon is in any particular spawnicon list) but the tiny rendered icon is of something else (usually the next object…)

Normal expectancy…

Gmod renders the matching icon/tooltip name

I have seen the solution of “re-render all icons” which is meant to make the tooltip name EXAMPLE “amraam missile” match the actual 3d object that appears on the GMOD map for instance…an amraam missile will appear onscreen.

So, when I do re-render icon, or even re-render all…it does not cure the problem.
It did fix it once, but now the icons get tangled again…

For instance in PHX rollercoasters etc…their is usually a gumball as the first icon. At the moment my first icon in PHX ROLLERCOASTERS is the rollercoaster car mount bracket = which should be at the end.

If I experiment and goto another PHX folder of icons…and press re-render all icons…the mounting bracket could appear as the first icon…even though in the map it will appear as the correct icon.

In other words it’s weird.

The flickr photos link also shows that I can re-render the trackball more than once and obtain slightly differently coloured trackballs, but it’s still not matching the tooltip name…

I would consider re-installing something here or there…but why should I when computers are simple devices. You tell it render, it renders…why would it render 3 different spawnicons for one tooltip object?

Try deleting garrysmod/settings/spawnlist

Thanks. I saw that as a possible remedy as well, but, before I do that, has anyone done “Try deleting garrysmod/settings/spawnlist” before, with the result of the problem not being resolved?

The only reason I’m a bit resistant is that the problem only applies to addon folders and not the originals that gmod creates from the HL2 data.