Addons, spawn protection, restrict weapons and things


I’m a fresh admin & server owner! So, I’ve set up my server, it’s working quite fine. It has ULX, uLib and all the addons here : I used this ( so the server has all the addons of the collection!

Here are some problems that I can’t solve by myself :

-The players can’t join because they are missing the addons & the map, how to I make them dowloading these ?

-I found a script for spawn protection on this forum (, I took the coordinates, placed it in /garrysmod/lua/autorun/server but it’s not working

-I installed the “admin gun”, how do I restrict it to admins only?

Thank you for reading me!

Server type? ( DarkRP, Jailbreak, etc. )

So i assume you are hosting your server on your pc? “I’ve set up my server”
I recommend getting a host for FastDL, i would say who i use for $3 a month, but i think that is advertising, Website hosting is fairly cheap for small GB, just google for hosts,
Make sure it isn’t a FTP link like
When you buy a host, for my host, there is a folder called
“public_html”, inside that folder is “garrysmod” then “maps” so
Inside maps, upload all your maps, i also recommend .bz2 your maps (google it if you don’t know how)

Edit: Also forgot to mention, when this is setup, get your link (example “”)
Make sure it is the garrysmod folder and not any other folder, double check to make sure it works to, if you go to it in your browser, you should see “maps”
if yes then add the link “” to the server.cfg in the cfg folder of the server’s root like this
sv_downloadurl “

(Sorry if this is confusing, i also suggest googling “Setup FastDL”)

I’m not the best at this, this is just what i did
Good Luck!

No, I’ve got a professionnal server hosting. My maps are already in the maps folder. It’s a build server. It’s a custom server so there is no webpanel. Thank you for yout answer, I’ll try that, but still, I need the client to download the addons, and to solve the spawn protec and admin gun problem! I’ve already got a good webhosting, I’ll set up the fastDL thing right now!

! Since I have no webpanel, the server operator has to restart it when I tell him, so I can’t test my modifications right now. I set up a fastDL, so the new players should download the addons & the map from my webserver when they connect. I’ve also found a weapon restriction addon to go with ULX, I hope it’ll work. If anyone had those problems, here is what I used: and

If you wish to play on my server right now, you have to download all the addons here and this map

If everything works fine, I’ll only have to set up spawnprotection. Oh, the server IP is!