Addons suscribed, wont load when online

When I check the workshop page, it shows all my subscribed addons, and all my addons are in the addons folder. However, when I load gmod, none of the addons will load. When I go into offline mode everything is fine, however, all addons I subscribe to after this problem is happening wont appear, thus makes me believe the haven’t downloaded. When I check my subscribed addons in gmod, it shows that I am not subscribed to anything.


Check if their .gma’s are in garrysmod/addons.

I just said all of the addons are in the addons folder, they are transferred over from an old computer to save downloading if that helps anything

Sorry, missed that part. Do they show up in the GMod addons panel?

If you mean the screen that shows the subscribed addons in gmod then no, it just says “Nothing found!” while when I check on the steam workshop (not in gmod) then it shows the addons I’ve subscribed to.

Try deleting your gma files in your addons folder, and then deleting your entire cache folder. See if that works.

I tried your method, and it the problem still exists. I just found a new problem where clicking install when trying to install addons within gmod, it will subscribe me to the addon according to the workshop page, however it wont install and the subscribed addons screen within gmod shows I have not subscribed to anything